The meet/meeting chat is a tool to help you communicate with other web admin users on the platform for your specific competition. As an organizer/organiser, you can chat with all users with permission to read the meet/meeting via meet/meeting chat. To open the chat, click the message icon in the upper right corner of the webpage.

The icon will be dark grey if there are no messages, light grey if there are no new messages and blue if there are unread messages.

To add a comment, type a text in the Post message field.


To add permissions for reading or updating your meet/meeting to other users, click the Permissions button in the Details of the meet/meeting. See the Permission to edit a meet/meeting user guide for more details.

The chat is only available to web admin users and is an organiser-only tool. Use the Meet/Meeting feed to publicly communicate with people following the meet/meeting in the Roster Athletics mobile app (e.g., athletes, parents, fans). Read more about this in the Meet/Meeting feed user guide.