Once you have set the details for your meet/meeting, the next step is to select the events. The list of events from which you can choose will depend on the Season and Age groups and implements settings selected in the previous step when creating the meet/meeting.

Click on the Events option in the far left-hand side menu to choose the events for your meet/meeting.

There are three tabs with Male, Female, and Mixed categories. You must select events for each category that apply to your meet/meeting. To select an event, click on the checkbox next to the event. 

You can change the list of events by changing the Meet/Meeting profile. The profile Track & Field: Professional includes the most common events, and the profile Track & Field: Universal includes many more track and field events.

Suppose an event includes different implements for different age groups. In this case, you can select the general event in the Events view and then select the right implement by choosing the age group in the Schedule or Start lists.

Remember to click the blue Save button after selecting all the events for the category.

You can find the complete list of events in the List of events guide.