When your meet/meeting is ready, you can start adding results. We recommend using one of the supported photo-finish timing systems to add results for sprint events (please see our Sports Timing Integrations guides for more details). However, you can also add all results manually in the web admin system. You can do this under the Results tab.

This guide is divided into the following sections below:

Events list

Select an event from the list on the left side. You can change the sorting of events by clicking on the icon in the Search field and selecting Sort by either Event name or Event time.

You can also filter events by Gender and hide Breakdowns and Finished events.

The search option allows you to search for an Event name or Participant name. When selecting the latter option, you can decide if you want to filter start lists to show only searched participants automatically.

Adding results and places

You can add results in the Result column, and Places will be calculated automatically. Alternatively, you can add results and places manually if Calculate places is disabled under the Automatic calculations option.

Please note: enabling or disabling the automatic calculations applies to all groups of a given event stage (including the summary group).


You can add values without punctuation if the Auto-format results option is enabled.

Please note: you can add results in SS.sss format if the Auto-format results option is off.

Sorting participants


You can change the sorting method to make entering results easier, e.g., when copying them from a scoresheet. Under options, there are two methods: Sort by place and Sort by lane.

Reaction times and wind

You can add reaction time to the React. field and wind to the Wind field (if you have selected the season as Outdoor), if available.




When entering results, any records that are set (WR, MR, PB, SB) will show automatically under the results. However, you can change all records manually by disabling Calculate records under Automatic calculations under Options.

Please note: enabling or disabling the automatic calculations applies to all groups of a given event stage.

By default, if an event is affected by wind, you will see records next to a result only if there is a legal wind reading. However, you can enable Records without wind readings in the options menu.


Status (DNF, DQ, DNS)

If an athlete did not finish the race (DNF), was disqualified (DQ), or did not start (DNS), you will need to change the Status of that athlete to the correct one.



Notes (athlete)

Click the link under the Notes column to add a text note for this specific athlete.

You can add Public notes visible in the Roster Athletics app, the public website with start lists and results (https://meets.rosterathletics.com/), and CSV and PDF files (start lists, results and scoresheet). You can use this field to add information about Yellow Card (YC), Second Yellow Card (YRC), Red Card (RC), Lane infringement (L) and more. 

You can also add Internal notes visible ONLY in web admin for other users who have permission to access the meet/meeting. 

Notes can be as long as needed, but they may be trimmed in some views. Notes are visible and can be added/edited on start lists and results.

Marking an event as finished

After adding all results, click on the FINISHED trigger. The event will be marked by a checkmark in the Roster Athletics mobile app and Roster website. This will also trigger any individual or team competition points calculations for this event, if the competitions are enabled and update athletes' records in their profiles.

Results are marked by two timestamps for (i) the last entered result (Last change); and (ii) when the event is marked finished (Marked finished). This information can be used to determine a potential deadline for a protest. The timestamp happens when the information has been made public (i.e., saved on the server) and not when it is either entered in offline mode in the Meet Mgmt app or typed down on a paper scoresheet.

Please note: once you click on the FINISHED trigger, you cannot undo this step.

Relay team splits

You can add splits to the Team split column for relay events. The Lap time will be set automatically.


Hand timing

To use hand timing for event groups, please see the Set schedule guide to enable this feature.

For hand-timed event groups, enter results rounding up to the nearest tenth of a second, which will have the following format (MM.SS.s).

The displayed results in the event Summary (if the event includes at least two groups) will have the designation "h" next to the hand-timed results. The "h" will also be visible in PDF files with results, the mobile app and the Roster website.

Please note that for hand times, the World Athletics correction offset will be automatically added to the hand time result for sorting, place standings, and qualifications. The World Athletics correction offsets used are as follows:

  • For event distances of 50m to 300m, 0.24 seconds added to the hand time.
  • For event distances of 400m, 0.14 seconds added to the hand time.
  • For all distances above 400m, nothing is added to the hand time.

Thus, for example, in the 400m, a hand time of 44.8h is equivalent to a F.A.T. time of 44.94.

Important note: changing the timing method of a group with existing results will remove all results for that group.

Internal notes

As a user responsible for entering results, you can add a note to the event results, e.g. if you want to have internal information for the primary judge or the organizer/organiser. Select Edit notes from the options menu to add or edit a note.

If the event/group has a note, you will find an icon next to the event name in the upper left header and next to the event name in the list of events.

Please note: These notes will not be publicly visible to athletes or users of the Roster Athletics app or the public competitions website with results. Only users with permission to read or edit the meet/meeting can see them.