Release note (v. 2024.05.1) - May 16, 2024


  1. Check-in: We have added a check-in history (who and when someone checked in/scratched). The participant checking in will also receive a confirmation email. 
  2. Events: Two new categories have been added: Fell Running and Trail Running.


  1. Check-in: We have improved how you enter check-in start time and deadline.
  2. Registration messages: We have made it easier to write longer messages via a dialogue.
  3. Implement tables: Age group and implement setup have been added for Lithuania and Norway.
  4. Team competitions: You can filter (and add) teams in the Team Competition setup. We have also improved the upload of teams via CSV.
  5. Seeding: We have updated the seeding view and changed the ability to move athletes between groups for events with more than 300 participants.

Release note (v. 2024.04.3) - April 29, 2024


  1. Timing system integration: We have added an option to exclude finished events in files exported to timing systems.
  2. BIB allocation: We have added the ability to sort participants by Personal Best and Season Best if the Event is selected as the first sorting parameter.
  3. Check-in: You will find an option to sort participants by first or last name. 
  4. DQ Rules: We have added four new DQ rules (for World Masters Athletics).

Release note (v. 2024.04.1) - April 4, 2024


  1. Event visibility: We have added a new column with the number of participants to the event visibility to make it easy to hide all events with empty start lists.
  2. Scoreboards: We have added information about para classes to the start lists and results scoreboards.
  3. Scoresheets: You will now find information about implements in PDF score sheets generated for multiple age group events.
  4. Payments: We have added support for the currency of Hong Kong (the Hong Kong dollar, HKD), Japan (the Japanese yen, JPY), and the Philippines (the Philippines Peso, PHP). All transactions in PHP are settled in USD, which leads to a small currency exchange loss.

Release note (v. 2024.03.2) - March 19, 2024


  • Public website: We have added a new Records tab where you can see all enabled and added records for the meeting, including all new record types added in the previous release.

Release note (v. 2024.03.1) - March 7, 2024


  • Records: We have added the ability to add several different records for the meeting. The only two records enabled by default are PB and SB. All other records require that you enable them and fill in the values. Records are added by age group. See more here.


  • Events: We have improved the events selector. You can now filter the list by the event name or category. See more in the Choose events guide.

Release note (v. 2024.02.2) - February 19, 2024


  1. TimeTronics: We have improved the direct integration with TimeTronics MacFinish and TimeTronics Argus. Read more about the TimeTronics MacFinish integration and TimeTronics Argus integration.

  2. Roster Agent app (Windows and Linux): The new version 2.2.0 is available - download and install the RosterAgent. This version supports integration with TimeTronics MacFinish and TimeTronics Argus timing systems and adds support for German and Spanish languages. Please update the app.

Release note (v. 2024.02.1) - February 8, 2024


  • Lap counter sheets: We have added the ability to print lap counter sheets (PDF) for distance races. See more in the Creating PDF lap sheets guide.


  1. Registration approval CSV: A club column has been added to the CSV file.

  2. Public view of HJ/PV: It is now easier to follow heights in a high jump or pole vault competition on the public website.

  3. API: We have added the possibility to pick up results per event and per stage via the API. See more in the API for start lists and results (scoreboards, TV-production, etc.) guide.

  4. Payments: We have added support for the currency of Trinidad & Tobago (The Trinidad and Tobago Dollar, TTD). All transactions in TTD are settled in USD, which leads to a small currency exchange loss.

  5. DQ Rules: All DQ rules have been updated according to the updated rules from World Athletics (updated in January 2024).

  6. Schedule: You will now find a filter for days in the schedule.