You can download start lists and results (for one or all events) at any given time before, during, or after your meet/meeting. These can be downloaded in CSV format either manually or automatically and includes all of the data entered into the meet/meeting. Sample scripts to automate this process are attached at the end of this document (.bat for Windows, .sh for Linux/Mac).

This can be done under Details if you choose a manual downloading process.

You can also automate the downloading process, and while it does require a small manual "setup", it will thereafter be automatic.

This is how you set it up:

    1. Authenticate and store cookies (the important one is cookie named rac). 

  • data makes it a POST and sends the payload
  • c tells it to store cookies in a file named "cookiejar"

curl –data '' -c cookiejar

    2. Now using acquired cookies, you can fetch start lists or results in CSV

  • b tells curl to attach cookies from file "cookiejar", where we saved them in step 1.
  • c same as above; cookies can (and will) be refreshed, so it's essential to store them

101 is the meet/meeting id - you can see it referenced in the location bar when viewing our website. It would be here:

Start lists:

curl -b cookiejar -c cookiejar


curl -b cookiejar

You can also download results for a single event. In the example below, 201 is the event id. You can see it referenced in the location bar when viewing our website. It would be here:

Results for single event:

curl -b cookiejar -c cookiejar

Cookies expire after 2h. So if no request is made for 2h (or you don't store refreshed cookies), you'll need to do step 1) again. 

A simple bash script for Linux/Mac could look like this (also attached as a .sh file):

Or for Windows like this (also attached as a .bat file):

For examples, please see the two attached sample CSV files.