Release note (v. 2020.11.1) - November 30, 2020


  1. Governing body approval of meetings: This is a relevant feature for meeting organizers, where results will be transmitted directly to the governing body's statistics database (i.e., a federation's database) - see more here
  2. Swedish language: Swedish is the fifth language that has been added to the platform (the others are Danish, English (UK/US), French and Polish). 
  3. Finish Lynx description: An event description has been added to the details view.  


  1. Team Competitions: New scoring methods have been added (see more here), an overview to see unassigned participants, and a list of potential issues. 
  2. Combined events: We have added several new combined events, but only relevant country-specific events are shown depending on the selected implement table (i.e., "Castorama" (CE for throws) is only shown in the Swedish implement table).
  3. Seeding: Additional information for athletes is now available in the seeding view.
  4. Events overview: You will find a design update to make it easier to get an overview of events.
  5. CSV upload: You can now navigate between the CSV upload view and the start lists.
  6. Implement tables: We've added Jamaica, including implements and age groups.
  7. Age groups: We can now create age groups, which are gender-specific and not following a calendar year (i.e., Sep. 1 → Aug. 31)
  8. Mixed events: An indication of gender for athletes has been added.

* * * 

Here are further explanations of some of the above updates:

1) Governing body approval of meetings. This feature is only relevant where approval of the meeting from the governing body is required in order to send results to the relevant statistics database. If so, the organizer will have to enable results to be sent to a statistics service, plus the governing body will need to approve the meeting.

See more information in the Automatic results reporting to statistics services guide.

2) Swedish language. Select this under your profile.

3) Finish Lynx description. You can now customize the text for each event, which can be found inside FinishLynx.

4) Team competitions. You can see unassigned participants and an overview of potential issues with athletes (i.e., an athlete participating in two teams in the same competition).

5) Combined events. More country-specific combined events (differ between country/implement tables).

All the best from the Roster team

Release note (v. 2020.10.1) - October 8, 2020


  1. Point scoring tables have been added making it possible to create team competitions based on points (as an alternative to places). 
  2. Age grading tables for master age groups have been implemented. These tables are used for both team competitions and combined events for masters. 
  3. Black/white scoreboards have been added for use on low-resolution screens, in addition to the existing high-resolution scoreboard (read more here).  


  1. Team Competitions: Team scoring method based on point scoring tables, as well as the ability to change the order of team competitions (when several team competitions in the same meeting), have been implemented.
  2. Finish Lynx: The Finish Lynx agent has been upgraded to version 1.0.16. You can upgrade here.  
  3. Field Events: You now have the ability to type in "x", "-" and "r" in the result field instead of selecting from a drop-down list.
  4. PDF: You can see a group number as part of the total number of groups.
  5. PDF: The ability to show NWI, where no wind is indicated, has been added.
  6. Schedule: There is now an indication of the number of athletes in each event.
  7. Fantasy Game Stats: These stats have been added under the Details view.

* * * 

Here are further explanations for some of the above updates:

1) Point scoring tables. Tables are added for several different countries and age groups. The points scoring table details are provided as reference information and can be viewed by clicking on OVERVIEW Point scoring tables. Please note that due to the size of the tables, it may take up to 20+ seconds to load.

2) Age grading tables. Similar to point scoring tables, these are provided on a per country level and can be found on OVERVIEW Age grading factors

3) Scoreboards. You can choose between high-resolution and low-resolution scoreboards, as well as increase/decrease the font sizes. Also, lanes have been added to the start lists.

6) Field Events Results. This saves you time when typing in results via the web platform.

7-8) PDF

9) Schedule. Indication of the number of athletes in each event.

10) Fantasy Game Stats. You can now see five different stats: 
  1. Avg. athlete price (all) 
  2. Avg. athlete price (TOP 5 per event)
  3. Roster count (number of rosters in your game)
  4. Full Roster count (number of rosters where all positions are selected)
  5. Unique athletes (number of unique athletes in your meeting)

a. and b. above assist you in setting a balanced budget.

All the best from the Roster team

Release note (v. 2020.09.1) - September 9, 2020


  1. Scoreboard view of start lists and results (read more),
  2. Revamped team competitions module (read more)
    • Support multiple team competitions in a single meeting,
    • Participants can be members of multiple teams,
    • Automatic allocation of teams based on a club/school (using a primary team from a club/school).


  1. PDF: Improved condensed format,
  2. PDF: Show implements for the relevant events,
  3. PDF: Score sheets can be sorted by start times,
  4. COMBINED EVENTS: the ability to add titles for combined events,
  5. TEAM COMPETITIONS: new triple-team scoring method,
  6. RESULTS: Display the best record next to the best result,
  7. START LIST & RESULTS: Indicate participants gender in mixed events,
  8. MEETING BROWSER: Filter by meeting status.
  9. FINISH LYNX: Bib numbers shown in the ID column.

* * * 

Here are additional explanations to some of the above updates:

1. ScoreboardUnder both start lists and results, you can click on the scoreboard and generate a new web page to project to a scoreboard in the stadium/venue. 

2. Revamped team competitions. You can set up as many team competitions as you wish in the same meeting. These team competitions can have different scoring methodologies. 

For example, you can have a national team competition, where athletes at the same time also compete for their continent in a different team competition. For both club/school and national team competitions, you can make an automatic team allocation. Still, for club/school competitions, it requires that teams be associated with a club/school for club/school competitions. 

5. PDF: Score sheets can be sorted by start times. This feature makes it easier to print scoresheets for meetings with multiple events where scoresheets are needed.

8. RESULTS: Display the best record next to the best result. This enhancement will make it easier to see if an athlete has set a record.

10. MEETING BROWSER: Filter by meeting status. You can browse your organization's meetings by meeting status.

We hope you enjoy these improvements. 

All the best from the Roster team

Release note (v. 2020.08.1) - August 3, 2020

In today's release, we have added new functionality/features for timing, CSVs, and PDFs.

You can now type in track results which are hand times (i.e., 1/10 sec precision). To do this, you will have to change the timing method from automatic (F.A.T.) to hand-timing in the schedule.

Hand timed results will have an "h" next to the result in the results generated to PDF. Also, points in combined events will be calculated correctly based on hand timing (note: this is not yet supported in the consumer app).

In cases where one heat is timed by F.A.T. and one heat is timed by hand, you will also see the correct offset between hand-timed results and electronic results in the summaries.

PDF generated results have been improved, and you can now create specific result overviews for team competitions.

We have also updated the header and footer, including a timestamp for when it was last updated/generated. If you need to print the entire results from a bigger meeting, you can use the condensed view to save paper.

Another feature that should make your creation of a meeting easier is the automatic allocation of the "age group and implement" table to the country in which the meeting is taking place (you can always overwrite it if necessary). 

In the results view for events with multiple age groups, you can navigate from the overall list to the age-specific group by clicking on the age group. 

Last, but not least, we have updated the results CSVs with more data as well as the API guide with a script for Windows. See more here.

We hope that you will enjoy these features.

All the best from the Roster team

Release note (v. 2020.06.4) - June 29, 2020


In this week's release, we have added a public list of all participating athletes in a meeting. As an organizer, you can link to this public view from your website. It makes it easier for participating clubs and school managers to get an overview of which athletes are signed up and in which events they are participating in. The club or school manager can filter and sort the list according to its preferences. 

We hope that you will enjoy this feature.

All the best from the Roster team

Release note (v. 2020.06.3, updated) - June 23, 2020


In this week's release, we have added support for combined events. You can now include heptathlon and decathlon for outdoor meetings and heptathlon and pentathlon for indoor meetings. 

Creating a combined event is the same as creating any other event. You can read more about this in the Combined Events User Guide.

We have also added support for the combined events in (i) the Meet Mgmt app, and (ii) the Consumer app.

Last, but not least, we have updated the gender classifications with all age groups up to 17 years old classified as Boys and Girls, and 18 years old and above classified as Men and Women.

All the best from the Roster team

Release note (v. 2020.06.3) - June 18, 2020

Today we have added several new training events so that you can create smaller training competitions with test events.

For track events where reaction time is measured, we have also made it possible to add reaction time for athletes who are either DQ or DNF. Additionally, we have updated the rules applicable to in-competition warnings and/or disqualifications from World Athletics.

We have added several new age-group categories for road races. If you are still missing an age group for your country, please reach out to us at, and we will add it for you. 

Also, we have added the ability to automatically allocate athletes to age groups by uploading athletes via CSV. You just need to mark the age-group field with Auto for an event (same StartListId if it is a multiple age group event). See more in Add athletes from a CSV file

Last but not least, we have updated the RosterAgent included support for the following languages: US and UK English, Danish, Polish, and French. If you have a previous version of 1.0.14 installed, please update to the new version of 1.0.14 (the previous version will not work). You can find the links here.

We hope that you will enjoy these improvements.

All the best from the Roster team

Release note (v. 2020.06.1) - June 10, 2020

In today's release, we have added lots of new functionality related to age groups. As a start, we have added several new age-group categories and associated implements for each of the countries that are supported on the platform. If you are missing an age group for your country, please reach out to us at, and we will add it for you.  

You will find the new age groups under Details and Age groups & implements. First, you will need to select which country's age groups and implements table you will use. After that, you can select the relevant age groups for your meeting. The age groups you've selected will be the groups that you can choose from in the schedule when changing an age group for an event.

You don't need to de-select any age groups. However, if you want to use the automatic allocation of athletes to age groups in events with multiple age groups, it can be an advantage to pre-select the relevant groups you want to include in your meeting. If your event is a multiple age group event (specified in the Schedule), athletes will automatically be allocated to age groups based on their birth date or birth year. 

You will also find age groups in PDFs in events with multiple age groups. 

In the schedule, we have added the option to select a view with both men, women, and mixed events. 

For track results measured in 1/1000sec, we have changed the display in PDFs such that you will see the deciding thousands of a second in ().  

Last, but not least, we have launched the integration to the FinishLynx timing system. You can read more about how to complete the integration here. You will need to download a small application to connect the browser-based Roster platform with your FinishLynx software. 

We hope that you will enjoy the latest improvements.

All the best from the Roster team

Release note (v. 2020.05.3) - May 13, 2020

Today, we have added additional enhanced functionality for results, multi-user functionality, and notifications. 

In track events where you have more than one runner in a lane, you will see the specific lane number and position in the results view. In addition, we have made it easier to see when saving results with 1/1000s precision. 

We have also improved the multi-user support for SCHEDULE such that multiple users can change/save in the SCHEDULE at the same time.

Lastly, we have changed the news feed notifications from the organizer so that the organizer's name and avatar will be displayed in the notification to users. Reach out to your Roster contact person or write to to change your school/club's logo/avatar. 

We hope that you will enjoy the latest improvements. 

All the best from the Roster team

Release note (v. 2020.05.1) - May 1, 2020

In this week's release, we have added additional functionality for overviews, CSV-upload, and results.

We have added several new events, including the 4x400m MIX event, which is different than a 4x400m in a mixed heat where it is either an all-female or all-male team competing against one another. 4x400m MIX is used when it is a mixed team comprised of both women and men (i.e., two women and two men running on one team). You will find this event under mixed events. We have also added a direct link to the support guide on how to choose other events. 

A 4x400m MIX event can also be uploaded via the CSV, which has seen several recent improvements. We have made it more clear which athletes are a 100% match to an existing athlete in the Roster Athletics database, and which athletes are a possible, but not exact match to an existing athlete. Furthermore, we have added the ability to upload the same event multiple times if there are different age groups or various associated labels. Read more about CSV upload here.

We have improved the load time in athlete search, and when searching for athletes, you will be able to filter based on the Year of Birth

If your meeting is a team competition, then you will be able to see names and events for each athlete associated with a team.

Under results for field events, you will find several improvements. When adding a new height in HJ/PV, the increase in height will be the difference between the two previous heights (can always be edited). Also, you will find a new column with the best result across all attempts for that athlete. 

Additionally, we have improved situations where there are ties for the first place in HJ/PV (jump-off) or ties for Q/q in qualifying heats/groups. 

In the seeding view, you will see age group next to athlete names for multi age-group events.

Finally, the next time you log in you will see our Terms & Conditions, which you will have to accept to use the platform. 

We hope that you will enjoy the latest improvements. 

All the best from the Roster team

Release note (v. 2020.04.1) - April 22, 2020


Despite the postponed outdoor season, we will continue to bring you updates to the Roster Athletics platform. 

You will find an improved layout with some of the more significant items being a refined view of the athlete/club/team/relay team overview and better search and filtering functionality in the start lists and results.

When manually selecting athletes for your start list, we have added the ability to filter based on a club or school affiliation, see already selected athletes as well as making it easier to add members to relay teams. 

We have made a significant update to how you enter results for field events by incorporating a matrix format. 

The general overview of start lists and results has been improved. We have enhanced the overflow menu.

And also added gender to PDF start lists and results for mixed competitions. 

We have made it much easier to create mixed events, including the ability to generate summary breakdowns per age group and gender. 

CSV import has been improved with the addition of warnings when there are unknown columns. You can read much more about CSV import here.

Another feature that has been improved is the multi-user support to (i) avoid disruptions when multiple officials/judges add and save results in the same meeting, and (ii) prevent disruptions to you when another user saves by displaying a bell at the top of your screen.

The scrolling functionality has been upgraded so that you can get more out of your screen and keep the overview by having headers stick during scrolling.

Last, but not least, we have made upgrades to the seeding functionality by re-arranging the seeding parameters and added the option to make the lane configuration per heat. 

We hope that these improved features will enhance your experience using the Roster Athletics platform. 

All the best from the Roster team

Release note (v. 2020.03.1) - March 8, 2020


With the indoor season winding down and everyone gearing up for the outdoor season, we have added a lot of new and improved features. 

The PDFs (start lists and results) have been updated with a clearer date and time. Also, we have added places in groups in the summaries (results). If you mark an athlete with DNS in results, it will now show on the start list as well. When printing start lists or results from a single event, we have made it faster to select the heats/groups you want to include.

The score sheets have also seen an upgrade based on your feedback. For high jump and pole vault, we have made the overview of heights a little easier to navigate, added standers placement for pole vault, and made the start time of the event more clear on top of the sheet. 

For school meetings in the US, we have added grades to start lists and results, as well as upload via CSV. This is numerical for elementary to high school (grades 1-12) and textual for college (FR, SO, JR, SR). 

For races where athletes are not in lanes, we have added the order to results so that it matches with hip-numbers. This makes it easier to enter results. The order number (=hip number) is also synced to FinishLynx. 

Additionally, for an easy overview of how many athletes there are in a given event, we have added the number of athletes to the headings for all events. 


If you would like your organization's name and a photo to be shown when you write in the feed for your meeting, please let us know and we will add your logo/image to your organization. 

Lastly, we have improved the multi-user support to avoid disruptions when multiple officials/judges add and save results in the same meeting. 

We hope you will enjoy these improved features. 

All the best from the Roster team

Release note (v. 2020.02.4) - March 1, 2020


In this week's release, we have added additional functionality for the seeding of track events. After you have selected your seeding method and lane assignment, you can now set your preference for how to fill up the lanes in situations where you have more lanes than athletes. This step is not necessary if you choose one of the official methods, but it can be helpful if you are using non-official methods. 

For situations where results are being added manually, we have made it easier to find the BIB number in the results overview. 

Also, please note that if you are using Internet Explorer as a browser, you will be asked to update to a different browser since we will no longer support Internet Explorer.

Finally, we have added support for grades for US schools. Currently, this feature only works for school meetings with the location set to the United States of America. 

All the best from the Roster Athletics Team

Release note (v. 2020.02.3) - February 22, 2020

Version 2020.02.3 has several new, useful features.  We have added score sheets, which you can print directly from the start list in the following formats: (i) all score sheets, (ii) only relevant events, or (iii) divided into track or field events. 

We have also added an API for organizers who would like seamless access to start lists and results for scoreboards, graphical overlays to TV production, etc. Read more here.

A previous feature that allows you to sort the start list based on several parameters is now available for print. You can sort the list as you like, and then convert it to a public PDF that is sorted in the same way. 

We have updated some design elements with the most visible being the athlete/team/club editor, and making much clearer the menu items that you cannot edit (e.g., you need to select events before you can add athletes; now the steps that you haven't completed are greyed out).

Lastly, we have added an M30 (master) age group and changed the default permission for a club/school so that all of your colleagues in your club/school can see all of the meetings created by someone from the club/school, but it is read-only access. As the creator of a meeting, you can always grant colleagues full access. 

Stay tuned for more good stuff to come.

All the best from the Roster Athletics Team

Release note (v. 2020.02.1) - February 11, 2020

The latest release has several new and enhanced features which we hope will make it easier for you to organize your meetings. 

We have added the ability to print start lists and results for only the event you are viewing (i.e., there is no longer the need to print all of the pages, so you can go easy on the paper and save the environment).

We have also added the ability to sort start lists based on groups (heat/qualification group).

The seeding functionality has incorporated a few smaller updates, and a new seeding methodology has been added. You can now use the "Standard Alley - inside out" feature. This means that you can select standard alley and choose if the second-fastest runner should be on the inside or outside of the faster runner in the heat. 

When setting up your meeting, you can now choose a country-specific set of implements (i.e., you can select the correct implements (hurdle heights and throwing weights for different age groups) for Germany, France, Denmark, Poland, Sweden, or World Athletics). Let us know if you can't find your country's implement-table in our system. 

Lastly, we have improved the multi-user experience when entering results in vertical jumps (HJ and PV). 

As always, we hope that these enhancements will improve your experience using our platform.

All the best from the Roster Athletics Team

Release note (v. 2020.01.1) - January 18, 2020

Version 2020.01.1 is a significant upgrade of the feature set on the platform. We have overhauled how you select events as follows:

When you select an event for a specific age group, the implement is now automatically associated with the age group (e.g., 2.0kg discus vs. 1.75kg discus). Thus, the correct implement is now directly associated with the athlete based on the age group. 


You can also create events with multiple age groups. For example, you can create an event for discus throw with athletes from U18, U23, Senior and M45. Not only will you be able to see the correct implement for each athlete, but the system will also create virtual start lists and results for each age group and gender.

Note: we have moved the Club/School affiliation so it is now displayed below the athlete's name (see the screenshot above).  

You can now add a label to an event that allows you to create a separate event in your meeting for the same distance (e.g., you can create a "5000m Invitational" event and add a label to it to create a separate "5000m Recreational" event). This feature also applies to field events.

Please note that "Initial records" is moved from Schedule to its own menu item in the left-hand-side menu.

Similar to subgroups for different ages, we have added the ability to see virtual start lists and results for men and women separately under mixed events.

Another significant new feature is the ability to localize the platform based on language. You can now use the platform in English (UK), English (US), French, Polish, and Danish. 

Other noteworthy enhancements include: (i) the ability to sort the time schedule based on time; (ii) a better overview of the source when uploading a CSV file with participants (see screenshot); and (iii) improved navigation in the left-hand-side menu. 

We hope you will enjoy these improvements. 

All the best from the Roster Athletics Team