Release note - consumer app - December 16, 2021

Android: v. 2.40.0

iOS: v. 2.40.0


  1. Qualification rules: You will find qualification rules (e.g., "3 (Q) + 2 (q)") in the app if set by the organizer.
  2. Results: We have added results from a previous round (e.g., in the overview of the final, you can see the results from the semi-final).


  1. DQ: In addition to displaying DQ, you can also see the disqualifying rule if set by the organizer.
  2. Live standing/qualification: You will be able to see a "q" on a yellow background, which indicates that the athlete is currently in a qualifying spot for the next round, but not finalized until it turns black (without a yellow background). The same is the case for points from ongoing events in Combined Events competitions.

Release note - consumer app - August 17, 2021

Android: v. 2.39.0

iOS: v. 2.39.0


  1. Roster fantasy game: On the roster tab (fantasy game) overview, you will see point-giving places in brackets.
  2. Flags: We've added additional flags (e.g., Scotland, Wales, etc.). 

Release note - consumer app - June 28, 2021

Android: v. 2.38.0

iOS: v. 2.38.0


  1. Filtering in the details view: We have made it easier for you to filter in the details view and thereby see only the events you like.
  2. Qualification: You will find a small "q" in italic/red, which indicates who are the live and current qualified athletes based on the small "q” when the competition is ongoing. The small "q" will turn blue when the qualification has concluded.


  1. Search: Search results have been improved and now includes the time of the event.
  2. Details: We've improved the overview of events, gender and age group, including which events are live. 

Release note - consumer app - May 14, 2021

Android: v. 2.37.0

iOS: v. 2.37.0


  1. Organiser name displayed: We have added the organiser name next to the meeting name.


  1. Results: We have changed the display of results such that the app only shows 1/1000s in situations where there is a tie, even if the time is recorded using 1/1000s precision.

Release note - consumer app - April 20, 2021

Android: v. 2.36.0

iOS: v. 2.36.0


  1. Condensed view in details: We have condensed the view in events where there are multiple age groups and/or genders competing together.


  1. Start lists / Results: The indication of gender in mixed events has been expanded to include relays.

Release note - consumer app - April 6, 2021

Android: v. 2.35.0

iOS: v. 2.35.0


  1. Feed: We have added the ability to disable the feed or restrict it so that only the organizer can post a message. This can be done in DETAILS in your web browser on the Roster Athletics competition management platform. Read more here.


  1. Profiles: Yob/DoB have been added to profiles, together with updates to how you view an athlete's PBs and SBs.
  2. Search: We have added the ability to search for a title in an event (e.g., 100m INVITATIONAL).
  3. Details: Rankings in breakdowns (i.e., a specific age group in a multiple age group event) are calculated on an ongoing basis, and not only after the event is done. We have also improved the grouping of events that have the same start time.
  4. Start lists / Results: You can now see attempts even when the status is an NM (or a DNS in a combined event). In mixed events, you will see an icon for gender.