If athletes have a profile on the Tilastopaja database platform and their Tilastopaja ID is added to their Roster profile (an athlete has a Tilastopaja ID when you see a TS abbreviation on the start list next to their name), you can use the following option to update the athletes' statistics (date of birth, PB, SB).

1. Add athletes to the start lists.

2. Click on the Jobs link in the left-hand side menu.

3. Click on the Update button.

You can select one of two options:

  • Verified records only - this action will use records from Tilastopaja and records added to athletes' profiles by Roster staff.
  • Verified + non-verified records - this action will use records from Tilastopaja, records added by Roster members, records added by other users of the Roster platform (e.g. other meet/meeting organizers/organisers), and records added by athletes if they have their profiles in the registration platform.

By clicking the Clear button, you can clear all initial PBs/SBs from all start lists (of not finished events) of your meet/meeting. Use it and then update records by verified records only if you don't want to use records added by athletes (registrants).

Please note: You cannot restore cleared records you added, e.g. by importing a CSV file.

Updating and clearing initial PBs/SBs will not apply to events or groups marked as FINISHED.

Records added by athletes and organizers/organisers (other platform users) are marked by a yellow icon on the start list and athletes' profiles (Source: Registrant, Organizer/Organiser, Start list and Result).

4. Go back to the start list. All PBs/SBs should be updated on the start list and the athletes' profiles.

Please note: only Roster Athletics staff can add a Tilastopaja ID to the athlete's profile. Send us a message if you see an athlete that needs a review: https://support.rosterathletics.com/support/tickets/new.