The Roster Athletics Consumer app is the main interface for fans, athletes, and coaches to engage with your meet/meeting. It brings many new, innovative, and fun features to help you better follow and experience the sport. This user guide covers the app's main features, but we highly encourage you to download the app and explore all of the features on your own.


The app works hand-in-hand in conjunction with Roster’s cloud platform. You can view the extensive and applicable user guides for details on how to control each app feature for your meet/meeting, from start lists and events set-up to real-time live results by integrating a Fully Automatic Timing (FAT) system or through Roster’s Meet Mgmt app.

This guide is divided into a few sections below:

  1. Downloading the app
  2. Finding your competitions of interest
  3. In the meet/meeting: 
  4. General app features and settings:



The Roster Athletics app is available on both the iOS app store for Apple iPhone and iPad devices here and the Google Play app store for Android devices here. Note that in addition to the main Roster Athletics app, there is a second app, the Roster Athletics Meet Mgmt app, that is targeted for organizers/organisers for live field results entry. Please see the Meet Mgmt user guides for more information.


The Roster Athletics app currently supports the following languages, based on the location setting of your device: US and UK English, Danish, Polish, French, Swedish, Spanish, and German.

Log In for the first time

When using the app for the first time after downloading or re-installing, the user will have the option to sign in (or create an account) as a regular user or use an anonymous guest account.

The guest account provides basic access to meets/meetings and results and the ability to play the Roster fantasy game as an anonymous player. Please be aware the guest account has limitations, such as not being able to participate in the global NEWS FEED and meet/meeting chat FEEDs (i.e. read but not write). Please also be aware that all account information for this anonymous account is tied to the current session, and thus if the app needs to be re-downloaded at any time or you log out, no information is saved and you will not be able to reaccess this account. This affects your linked athlete profiles under ATHLETE CHECK-IN, fantasy ROSTER and the history of meets/meetings you have FOLLOWED. You will be starting over should you need to reinstall the app. Note that you can link your anonymous guest account to a regular sign-in account through the Settings menu in the app (described below) at any time.

To get started as a regular user, you will first be asked a few questions in order to comply with privacy regulations in your region, based on country and age, as well as going through the Terms of Service.

Certain features are disabled for underage users, such as the chat FEED functionality.

You will see three options for signing into the app:

  • Continue with Apple - use your Apple account on the Roster app
  • Continue with Google - use any of your associated Google accounts on the Roster app
  • Continue with Facebook - use your Facebook account on the Roster app

Please note that Roster Athletics highly values data privacy and is fully GDPR compliant. Terms of Service, Privacy policy and Copyright policy are available in the Settings menu. You can also completely remove your account from Roster at any time using the Delete account setting described at the end of this guide.


We will first review the main features on the app and then cover the important settings later in the guide.



The app starts with the Meets/Meetings page and this is where you will find all of your competitions. There are three categories to find your meets/meetings on this main page, as well as access to the settings menu.


  • FEATURED meets/meetings are shown as the default view. These are typically the biggest meets/meetings from around the world that are upcoming and accessible in the Roster app.

  • MY MEETS/MEETINGS can be viewed by pressing the button. These are meets/meetings that you are interested in, and you designate to follow. You can add any meet/meeting to the followed list by simply going into a meet/meeting and pressing the FOLLOW button on the main DETAILS page. Your MY MEETS/MEETINGS tab will show all your followed meets/meetings. To remove a meet/meeting from your followed list, press the three dots menu on the upper right-hand side and select the Unfollow meet/meeting option.


  • SEARCH meets/meetings by going to the FEATURED tab. Here, you can find meets/meetings by typing into the search box the name of any meet/meeting that is on the Roster platform. This includes all upcoming meets/meetings as well as any past meets/meetings which you wish to view. Follow the meet/meeting as mentioned above should you be interested in that particular competition for easy access to the meet/meeting going forward.

Search filters can be set by the filter logo at the right edge of the search box. Filters include Country and Date of competition. Filters will be applicable until you change/unmark the filters or press the Clear filters button at the bottom of the Filter event screen.


Once you are in a meet/meeting, you will be in the main DETAILS page. You can FOLLOW the meet/meeting from here if you wish. This page contains the entire events list and schedule for the meet/meeting, sorted by time and is scrollable. Note that once the start lists are loaded and published by the organizer/organiser, you will be able to see the competing athletes in the events.

All heats and preliminary rounds, when applicable, are shown in the list view in addition to the finals. Multiple age groups, when applicable, will have summaries listed by default, with specific age breakdowns accessible through the Show more expansion button. When multiple heats or multiple age groups are taking place, then a Summary event will be listed in order to view the aggregated results for that round.

When the scheduled time of the event occurs and the event is in action, you will see a LIVE sign above the event as well as a yellow background. Once an event is completed with available results, you will see a checkmark symbol by the event and a white background.

There are two main methods to help you customize your viewing experience and find your specific information of interest:

  • Search for an event, club or athlete - type in the search box to find an athlete, club, or event. The search box can be used to find an athlete by name and all of their participating events and start times in the competition. You can also search by club name to find all participants from the club. Events are also similarly searchable, including event names, gender, and stage.

  • Filters events when viewing in DETAILS - Viewing filters can be set for each meet/meeting by the filter logo at right edge of the search box. Filter include Status, Gender, Events, Event stage, Age group, and Day of competition. Filters that you set will be present for this specific meet/meeting only, and will be applicable for this meet/meeting until you change/unmark the filters or press the Clear filters button at the bottom of the Filter event screen. You can set a filter for the specific event, and also the event category (Sprint, Distance, Jump, etc.) as well.

Please note: the color of the filter logo on the DETAILS page will indicate whether or not a filter has been set for this meet/meeting: white logo = no filters being used; blue logo = a filter has been set.


Pressing an event brings you to the start list, results and records (if added by the organizer/organiser) pages for that event. Here, you will see the start list and real-time results for track events as they are updated through automatic timing and for field events as they are updated through Roster’s Meet Mgmt app.

You can sort start lists and results by clicking the three-line icon in the upper right corner. By clicking the three dots icon, you can navigate between groups and stages inside the same event and go to different events inside the same combined event.

Displayed information includes (when available):

Start list:

  • Athlete/relay name, picture, country, para classes
  • PB, SB, QR, qR (results from the previous round)
  • Club/school or team name
  • Bib number
  • Age group (if multiple age group event)
  • Gender (if mixed event)
  • Lane/order
  • Group/heat number (if it is a summary)
  • Out-of-competition status and notes added by the organizer/organiser
  • Qualification rules


  • All the above information from the start lists
  • Place
  • Place in a group/heat (if it is a summary)
  • Result
  • Points (if it is a combined event)
  • NM/DNF/DQ (with a rule number)/DNS/SCR status
  • Wind
  • Reaction time
  • Record abbrevation (for example, PB, SB, MR, WR, WB or WL)
  • Q/q/qR/qJ/qD status
  • Each attempt for field events (Show more toggle)

Note that when viewing Q/q's, you will see dynamic q's with a yellow background and finalized q's in black. The yellow dynamic q's indicate the currently placed qualifiers while the action is unfolding in real time, and can change based on the latest results as they happen. Once the event is completed, the qualifiers will be listed with the black Q/q's.

To quickly follow events that are currently live in the meet/meeting, click on the LIVE button on the upper right hand side:

The LIVE icon will only appear for meets/meetings that are currently active.




The FEED tab is a chat and real-time communications tool allowing the organizer/organiser and fans/athletes to interact with each other. The organizer/organiser can write feed comments into the app through Roster’s web admin - these comments are then viewable by everyone in the meet/meeting. The organizer/organiser can provide commentary for the meet/meeting, make announcements, highlight results, add videos (live streaming, highlights, interviews, features, etc.) and pictures for a direct and much richer audience engagement experience. In addition, fans can also comment to the FEED and ask questions, etc.


The app supports highlighting a meet/meeting sponsor through the SPONSOR tab as an option. Through Roster’s web admin, organizers/organisers can add sponsor details such as pictures, description, and web-link, which allows app users to easily view information about the sponsor or organization/organisation. Note that sponsor information and highlights can also be supplemented through the meet/meeting FEED, with commentary, pictures, and videos.



Roster’s Fantasy game, on the app using the ROSTER tab, is a fun way for fans to engage with the organizer’s/organiser's meets/meetings. Players choose a team of athletes based on a budget prior to the competition and score points based on the results for the chosen team. 


The organizers/organisers can easily enable the Roster Fantasy game for their competition through the Roster web admin. If enabled, the organizer/organiser can then set the total team budget. The price of athletes are automatically computed by Roster based on an algorithm using their past results and other information.


Once the start lists are released, the user selects a team based on choosing an athlete for each category: Sprint Female, Sprint Male, Distance Female, Distance Male, Jump Female, Jump Male, Throw Female, and Throw Male - all making sure the user stays within the given budget. The user can also select a team captain that will score double points based on their result.


Points are scored based on the result placing of each category, as well as bonus points for WR, MR, PB, and SB. Please see the Game Rules in the app for more details (upper right corner 3 dots menu once inside a meet/meeting).


To view the results for a meet/meeting, go to the medal stand on the upper right hand side of the ROSTER tab page. The top 100 players and scores are listed. Once the competition is over, you will be able to see each of the top 100 player’s team and athlete selections.




The app supports live streaming of competitions through professional HLS streams and YouTube Live Streams. These are enabled through simply entering the stream links in the Roster web admin platform. If the organizer/organiser has the rights to stream the event and either of these streaming formats, anyone can follow and watch the competition on the app.


YouTube Live Streams appear in the FEED, as well as other YouTube video links.




On the main Meets/Meetings screen, you will see the app settings menu on the upper left-hand side (burger three lines icon). Once pressed, you will see the following options:

  • MEETS/MEETINGS (default) - described above
  • INVITE - invite your friends through your phone communications tools




The app NEWS FEED is a general discussion chat between Roster Athletics and app users. We use this FEED to share interesting news and information from the athletics and track & field world, including upcoming meets/meetings, news from EME News, interesting stories and performances, including pictures and videos. The chat also allows app users to comment or ask questions for an interactive experience.



If organizers/organisers of applicable meets/meetings on the Roster platform have enabled the ability for self-check-in by participants, users of the Roster Athletics app can link their athlete profiles from their registration account to the app and confirm their event start using a mobile device . For more information, see the How to link athlete profiles for mobile check-in guide.




Notifications: The user can choose a set of notification options in the app if on Android, which are enabled by default. The iOS version requires the user to go to the phone Settings → Notifications → Roster menu to adjust the desired notification settings.


Note that on Android, the user can also disable meet/meeting specific notifications from each meet/meeting’s DETAILS page (Disable result notifications, Disable feed notifications).


Use imperial units (ft-in): One of the main app settings is the ability to switch between metric and imperial-English ft-in measurement systems for displaying results within the app.


Link account: If you have signed in with an anonymous account, you may wish to switch to a linked Google or Facebook account in order to keep all the settings of your current account, including Followed meets/meetings, Fantasy results and Lobbies.


Roster policies: Terms of Service, Privacy policy, Copyright policy can all be found here.


Show all hints again: the app provides useful hints for first time users. The user can choose to enable these hints again by selecting this option.


Log out: Logs you out of the current account. Note that logging out of an anonymous account without linking the account will remove all information associated with the anonymous account.

Delete account: completely deletes and removes your account from Roster. You will be asked to sign up again as a new user the next time you use the app.