If your role is either an Administrator or an Accountant (see more about roles in the Organizer/Organiser roles guide), you can access all payment details and download the details in a CSV file. 

To see all payment details related to your organization/organisation, select the Payment overview under ADMINISTRATION from the far left-hand side menu.


To see payment records, select one or more meets/meetings from the Meet/Meeting field and/or time period (From date/To date).

You can select the Current month, Previous month, or Current year by clicking the More button and selecting the desired period.

Once filters are selected, click the Load button.

You can decide what view you wish to use. Select Simplified for general information or Advanced to see details of all payments.

The Advanced view will list all payments that meet the filtering criteria and contain the following columns of information:

  • Meet/Meeting - The meet/meeting's name.
  • Type - Registration or MeetingFee.
  • Event - Event name and age group.
  • Reg. name - Name of the person signing up theirself and/or others.
  • Reg. email - Email address of the person signing up themself and/or others.
  • Participant - Name of the participant.
  • Licenses - License number of the athlete (if such exists).
  • Status - Status of the payment, e.g., completed payment or refund.
  • Processed on - Date and time of the transaction in UTC (Coordinated Universal Time). 
  • Currency - Three-letter code for the type of currency used.
  • Vat % - VAT/tax percentage.
  • Charged - Amount charged for the event, which includes all processing fees (payment processing and Roster service) and VAT/tax (if enabled).
  • Credits - Amount charged for the event if paid with credits.
  • Ref. cash - Amount refunded to payment method.
  • Ref. credits - Amount refunded as credits.
  • Total fee - Total of all processing fees (payment processing and Roster fee). 
  • Receipt No. - Unique number for each transaction.

You can sort the list using multiple levels of sorting to ensure that your payments can be organized/organised to your exact preference. To select the sorting parameter, click on the header of the column.

To reset the sorting order, click the More button and select either Reset sort order or Reset filters & sort order.

You can export all visible payment details to a CSV file. To do so, select the Decimal separator (comma "," or dot ".") that matches your Excel version and click on the Save in file button. 

Please remember that the default setting for registration payouts from Stripe to your organization's/organisation's bank account will be every day, but with a 7-day delay (for the U.S., the standard is a 2-day delay). The 7-day delay means that Stripe will initiate a transfer seven days after the registrations for that day are completed, based on UTC time. Should your organization/organisation prefer to receive payouts on a weekly or monthly basis for bookkeeping purposes, please let us know at support@rosterathletics.com with the title "Payout schedule".

Note: You might handle credits as a creditor debt, depending on your local bookkeeping principles.

Please note that if the currency you use is NOT a settlement currency, you may find a discrepancy between the amounts in the bookkeeping files and what is actually paid out. Please contact support@rosterathletics.com if you would like to know which settlement currencies we support. For example, payments in Jamaican Dollars (JMD) are settled in USD, and payments in Romanian Leu (RON) are settled in EUR. The currency loss is typically 1-3%, but varies based on international exchange rates. 


Please reach out to support@rosterathletics.com for further information and help.