Release note (v. 2022.11.1) - November 9, 2022


  1. TimeTronics Argus: In addition to TimeTronics MacFinish, we have added direct integration with TimeTronics Argus. Read more about how to use the timing "Agent" here and the Argus integration here.

Release note (v. 2022.10.1) - October 3, 2022


  1. TimeTronics MacFinish: We have added direct integration with TimeTronics MacFinish. Read more about how to use the timing "Agent" here and more about the TimeTronics integration here.


  1. Roster Agent app (Windows and Linux): The new version 2.1.5 is available here. This version supports integration with FinishLynx and TimeTronics timing systems. Please update the app even if you are a FinishLynx user.

Release note (v. 2022.09.1) - September 4, 2022


  1. Toggle between start list, results and check-in: You can now easily navigate from the event view in the start list to results to check-in.


  1. Start list / results: We've added the ability to search by event title.

  2. Check-in: Improved gender visibility for mixed events.

Release note (v. 2022.08.1) - August 1, 2022


  1. Event Visibility: We have added the ability to hide or change the visibility of the events in your meeting. You can hide events, make events visible only in the schedule (no start lists or results), hide results, or hide information about the start time. Read more here.
  2. Start lists and results: You can now search for athletes in the start lists and results, and the scrolling feature has been optimized.


  1. Schedule: Visual changes to the schedule have been made.

  2. Registration: We have added additional text about pending entries for the registrant when the organizer uses the manual approval process.

Release note (v. 2022.05.3) - June 27, 2022


  1. Roster Agent app for FinishLynx (Windows and Linux): The new version 2.0.5 is available here. This version has overviews of files that are queued (not uploaded) due to network failures/outages.

Release note (v. 2022.05.2) - May 18, 2022


  1. Team competitions: We have added the ability for mixed-gender individual event results to contribute to Male and Female team scores, respectively.


  1. Registrant accounts: The signup flow for a registrant account has been modified so that the registrant is not automatically created as an athlete. Also, the registrant will need to add a club for an athlete or mark the athlete as unattached.

  2. Results CSV: The format for "Power of 10" (only relevant for competitions in the UK) has been modified with additional values.

Release note (v. 2022.05.1) - May 4, 2022


  1. Timestamps: You will now find two timestamps for: (i) the last entered result; and (ii) when the event is marked finished. This information can be used to determine a potential deadline for a protest. The timestamp happens when the information has been made public (i.e., saved on the server), and not when it is either entered in the Meet Mgmt app in offline mode or typed down on a paper scoresheet.
  2. Condensed start lists: We have added a condensed version of the start list (so you can save some paper if you need to print).
  3. Bookkeeping: We have added an overview of all payment transactions. To have access, your role needs to be either an Administrator or an Accountant (see more about roles in the Organiser roles guide). Read more here.


  1. Scoresheets: Added fields for "Trials at best height" and "Total failures" for high jump and pole vault scoresheets. 

  2. Registrant information: We will now ask all registrants for their phone number and email if they have signed up with a secret Apple email. The registrant can decline to provide the information, but with an acceptance that the organizer might not be able to contact them.

  3. Start lists and results: We've added colour coding to easily distinguish between women and men.

  4. PDFs: Advancement rules have been added to start lists and results.

  5. Checkin: Improved colour coding of who is checked in and scratched has been added.

Release note (v. 2022.04.3) - April 20, 2022


  1. DQ rules: Disqualification rules have been updated in accordance with World Athletics' latest update of these rules. 

  2. Scoring models: We have added an "8-point scoring model". See details here.

  3. Club association during registration: We have improved how the registrant selects a club for the participant during the registration process.

  4. CSV upload: We have added the ability to distinguish between divisions when uploading an HT CSV file.

  5. US school grades: Allocation of school grades and automatic bump up to the next school year have been added.

  6. US high school results: You will now find a result file (XLS) for upload of results. to

  7. Combined Events: You will see n/a instead of 0 points if a point table doesn't exist for a given age group and event. This is only inside the organizer portal.

  8. Roster Agent app for FinishLynx (Windows and Linux): The new version 1.1.3 is available here with improved notification settings.

Release note (v. 2022.03.2) - March 23, 2022


  1. Individual scoring competition: Individual scoring competition is a concept that allows athletes to compete in as many events as they like, divided into the following categories: Run, Jump, Throw and create a type of "combined events" based on which categories are included and how many events from each category. Read more here.
  2. Imperial units: We have separated meetings using imperial units into (i) imperial units with the lowest increment of a quarter-inch, and (ii) imperial units with the lowest increment of a half-inch. Meetings using quarter-inch increments will show inaccuracies (in the consumer app) when the user converts to metric since two different results with quarter-inch accuracy can convert to the same smallest fraction in metric (a centimetre). It is also now possible to add PB/SBs with imperial units in CSV upload and registration.


  1. CSV upload of athletes: We have included a typical US-based registration system output. 

  2. CSV upload of athletes: You will see several improvements in the visual presentation during the CSV upload. See more here.

  3. Age groups: We have made it easier to differentiate between male and female master age groups.

  4. Registration: We have added a filter to search for meetings with open registration.

Release note (v. 2022.02.2) - February 28, 2022


  1. Relay team registration: You can now enter and pay for relay teams via the registration site (only the relay team can be added, while individual runners on the relay team still need to be added manually).


  1. Payment methods: We have added payments via BLIK for customers in Poland. 

  2. Age groups: Additional age groups have been added for high school competitions in the US (Varsity, Junior Varsity and FreshSoph).

  3. Bookkeeping: We have added functionality to download the bookkeeping CSV file with both dot and comma decimal separators. Read more here.

Release note (v. 2022.02.1) - February 2, 2022


  1. Check-in of athletes: Check-in is a universal concept for many meetings and across all levels used by organisers to verify entries before the event starts. We have added an easy way for organisers to check in athletes before competitions. Read more here.

  1. Transfer athletes from one start list to another: You can now easily transfer athletes and relay teams to other start lists. Read more here.


  1. Scoring models: We have added a 6-point scoring model - two scoring athletes from each team

  2. Age groups: Age groups have been added for Prep schools in Jamaica.

  3. Point tables: World Athletics scoring tables have been updated. 

  4. Language: We have added the Greek language, so the management platform now has Danish, English (UK/US), Greek, French, Polish, and Swedish. The consumer app supports more languages.

  5. FinishLynx: Note that it is now the default that DNS/SCR statuses are not transferred to FinishLynx unless you change the setting under Details.