This user guide covers combined events on the Roster Athletics Platform. This guide is divided into a few sections below:


Selecting the country or organization/organisation for the points scoring and implements tables

When creating your meet/meeting, the country or organization/organisation for the implements and age group basis must be chosen correctly.

Under MEETS/MEETINGSDetails Country-specific options → Age group and implements, select the proper organization/organisation (e.g. World Athletics) or country (e.g. Poland, Denmark, etc.). This setting will then automatically populate the correct values for implements usage, Combined events point scoring, Team competition points scoring, and age grading factors (if using multiple age groups) for that particular country or organization/organisation.

Please note: this setting must be chosen correctly when creating the meet/meeting and cannot be changed once the meet/meeting is created.

See the Set up a meeting user guide for more details.

Creating the combined event

Creating a combined event is the same as creating any other event. Depending on if you have chosen the Outdoor or Indoor Season under meet/meeting Details, under meet/meeting Events, you will find relevant combined events for the selected country or organization/organisation.

Some combined events include different variations of child events. For example, in women's heptathlon, the athletes may compete in 100m hurdles or 80m hurdles events, depending on their age group (only relevant for masters).


See the Choose events user guide for more details.

Setting the schedule

Once you have selected a combined event and saved, you will see each individual event in the meet/meeting Schedule. From here, you can edit the Schedule as per the normal steps, as shown in the Set schedule user guide (and Setting up multiple age group events if you have multiple age groups for an event). You can change the age group for the combined event here. Note that the same age group applies to each individual discipline of the combined event.

Please note there is only one stage for the combined event and no qualification stages. For each individual discipline of the combined event, you are able to create multiple groups for the Finals stage if needed to facilitate the competition (e.g. having multiple groups for a sprint discipline if there are more competitors than lanes).

If you need to enable a multiple age group and a separate single age group for the same event type of combined event, you must add a Title to the multiple age group event, either when using the Roster web admin or through the .csv upload. This will signify that the multiple age group event is separate from the single age group event of the same event type. Read more about this in the Special case: Using a multiple age group and separate single age groups for the same event type user guide. 

Please also note that when using multiple age groups for combined events, age grading factors are applied automatically according to your meet/meeting's implements country or organization/organisation setting.


Managing the start list

Adding athletes to the start list must be done on the overall combined event summary (e.g. Decathlon - Final). Once added, all athletes will be shown in each individual discipline.

Note that should you need to remove an athlete from the start list of a particular individual discipline, this can be done by pressing the trash can symbol on the right-hand side of the athlete row. The athlete will be removed from this discipline ONLY and thus not be included in the seeding and results for this discipline, but will still stay in the overall combined event competition.

Seeding preferences can be applied independently to each individual discipline of the combined event, allowing the organizer/organiser to set the seeding for each discipline as appropriate.

See the Create start lists and Seeding user guides for more details.


Entering combined event results from automated timing, the Roster Meet Mgmt app, or through the Roster web admin is the same as all other regular events.


Points are tabulated automatically for each result that is entered and saved, which you can see under each individual discipline of the combined event by looking at the column Points. If using Roster Web Admin, make sure to enable auto calculation of places and save them as appropriate.

As with all other events, the individual Final for each discipline will list the aggregated group results if there are multiple groups.

The accumulated point total and overall standings can be found in the main combined heading (e.g. Results Decathlon - Final).

The athlete’s points breakdown for each discipline can be seen by pressing the options menu on the upper-right hand side and selecting the Partial scores option from the menu.

Point totals and place standing in the parent combined event are updated in the following manner:

  • Place standings and Result point total (on the upper right-hand side) are updated only when the child event results are marked FINISHED. The child event Points will also appear in the non-italicized black font when this is done, signifying that the particular child event is completed.
  • Dynamic Total points are updated "live" as results are being entered in the child events. The child event Points are displayed in an italicized grey font while the event is ongoing, and results are being entered live. The live dynamic Total points will also be in an italicized grey font signifying the dynamic update.


Note that in order for a performance record (SB/PB/MR/WR) to be recognized for the combined event, the following disciplines of the combined event must satisfy a maximum wind condition:


  • Men’s Decathlon (100m, 110H, LJ)
  • Women’s Heptathlon (100H, 200m, LJ)


The maximum wind condition for these events is as follows:


  • +4.0 m/s in ANY of the applicable disciplines listed above (e.g. +4.1 m/s recorded for the LJ will not be allowed as a combined event record.
  • +2.0 ms/ AVERAGE across ALL the applicable disciplines in a combined event (e.g. 1 m/s 100m, 3 m/s 110H, and 2.1 m/s LJ will not be allowed as a combined event record)


See the Web admin results, Automatic timing integration, and Roster Meet Mgmt guides for more details on how to add results using the different methods.

Adding combined event athletes from a CSV file


Adding athletes to a combined event using the CSV file uses the same format as adding athletes to typical events. Simply assign the appropriate event code for the combined event such as Decathlon, Heptathlon, or Pentathlon for each athlete. Details on using a CSV file to upload athletes and events can be found on the Add athletes from a CSV file user guide.

A note on combined events points scoring tables and age grading factors

Age grading factors are applied automatically to combined results where appropriate when choosing a multiple age group combined competition. To see an example of how age grading factors and points are calculated, go to the Using points tables for team competitions user guide.

For reference, you are able to look up the points scoring tables details by going to: OVERVIEWPoints tables and selecting the tables of interest. Please note that due to the extremely high number of table entries, this page can take 20+ seconds to load.

You are also able to look up the age grading factors by going to: OVERVIEWAge grading factors and selecting the age grading factor table of interest.

For hurdles in combined events with age groups, note that different distances apply to different age groups as the age group increases.

Please note that any aged athlete can be assigned on the MEETS/MEETINGSStart lists to the Senior age group if they wish to bypass the age grading.